Welcome to the KGK family!

As a supplier, we invite you join us in our unique position on the market.

Together in a long-term partnership focused on growth

At KGK, we consider our relationships with our suppliers a crucial aspect of creating a blooming business climate. So crucial that we prefer to call ourselves partners.

In KGK, you have a partner whose expertise is both broad and at the cutting edge. Our extensive experience and well-established relationships with the biggest sales channels in the industry make us a natural choice when you want to market your product. We also have our own sales channel in the retail and car workshop chain Autoexperten. We are friends with all of the major car importers, as well as dealers in the heavy-duty vehicle, marine, construction and industry sectors. As a partner, you could compare us to an established subsidiary that helps you correctly position yourself and your products in terms of price, marketing and sales channels.

We have a unique position in the Swedish automotive industry.

Johan Regefalk

Yes, I would recommend KGK to my colleagues

Over the years employees of KGK have, based on their customer and market know-how, been a sparring partner to Dräger during the development of new breath alcohol measurement devices.

We believe that with KGK we combine the strengths of both companies to serve the demands of our customers optimally.

Michael Reinhart
Head of S&PM
Impairment Check


Logistics as a competitive tool

We realized early-on that well-functioning logistics is more than just a hygiene factor. Our reliability and delivery precision are one way we show how seriously we take our business together.

Our logistics center is located in Enköping. Although it is semiautomated, it is the commitment of our employees that ultimately ensures that the products are delivered on time and in the right condition. We are proud of our delivery precision.

Logistics at KGK

Efficient e-commerce

The majority of our sales are through our Autokatalogen webshop. At present, it handles more than half a million products. For our partners, it is an unbeatable window out to the customers, where we show and easily sell their products. In the Autokatalogen webshop, customers can quickly find the right product using our vehicle link, and can usually get same-day delivery.

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How we help your business


We do not feel that our responsibility ends when the customer buys a product or service from us. Their business is our business. That’s why we started the KGK Academy.

KGK Academy


We handle communication with the market for several of our partners. With our knowledge of the industry, our sales force and our Marketing department, we can help your company.



When customers need help with a more detailed technical description, connection, installation instructions and handling, we have an entire department ready to answer their questions.