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Efficient e-commerce on your terms.

Just a keystroke away

The Autokatalogen webshop gives you the broadest range on the market. At present, the webshop offers more than 500,000 products, with the majority of our most popular products kept well stocked in our logistics center in Enköping. 

Over 90% of our sales are through Autokatalogen, and it is one of the most important tools for many of our customers. For our suppliers, our webshop helps to streamline our shared business flow.

The Autokatalogen webshop makes it easy to do business.

Jonas Andersson
Marketing Manager, Digital and e-commerce

Unlimited availability

The Autokatalogen webshop is open and available when you need it, regardless of the time of day. You can handle your business-related matters with KGK via the Autokatalogen webshop when it suits you, whether it concerns purchase statistics, shipping information, or product returns. It’s convenient and saves time.

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Find what you need quickly

Thanks to the Autokatalogen search capabilities, you can quickly get help to find what you need in our extensive range of products. The majority of our products have been linked to specific vehicles to make it easy for you to get relevant hits.

In addition, the different product categories in Autokatalogen give you an unbeatable overview of KGK’s extensive product range.

Current stock balance

In Autokatalogen, you can see not only how much of a product we have in stock, but see the balance all the way to our supplier’s shelves.

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Logistics is caring

Through our close collaboration with our suppliers and partners, we make sure that the right products arrive at the right time.

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Without our support, many operations would literally grind to a halt.

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