For many of our partners, we are also a sales organization and a marketing department.

We help you sell more

Helpfulness is the common denominator in all of our operations. From the personal treatment you receive in our reception area, to the lightning-quick delivery of the spare part for the car already up on the lift. It could be a matter of us taking on market responsibility for our partners in Sweden, or giving our customers product knowledge and selling points to help them increase their turnover. Sometimes it’s printed materials, sometimes it’s a digital ad.

We take care of our KGK family.

Daniel Edvall
Head of Marketing

Our sales force and their customer knowledge

Customer knowledge is something we take great pride in. Our sales force has extensive knowledge of our partners needs and what their customers need. Naturally, some of our customers only see us as a distributor. We do our best for them as well. However, time and time again we get figures that clearly show that those who consider us a partner sell significantly more. The commitment and passion of our sales force is huge and authentic. Our customers’ business is our business.

KGK has a broad and deep product portfolio, and when our salespeople do not have the knowledge required, then product specialists and support are just a phone call away.

Our product managers and their expertise

At KGK, the product departments are our closest link to the suppliers. The collaboration is sometimes so tight that our partners have to remind themselves that our product managers are not actually their employees. It is not uncommon for our product managers to come up with product variants that the suppliers then produce. At times, we know the products and how they should be sold better than those who made them.

Let us be your marketing department

At KGK, we have our own marketing department. Except, it is not our own – it belongs to our partners and customers as much as it does us. We create and produce everything from activities, printed materials and web banners to videos and trade expos. With the help of analysis and experience, we link supplier products and services to market needs and wishes.

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