Logistics is caring

Through our close collaboration with our suppliers and partners, we make sure that the right products arrive at the right time.

Logistics is more than just a hygiene factor

Setting requirements shows that you care. That’s why we keep fair but tight reins over the total flow of products from our suppliers, management through KGK, and distribution out to customers and end consumers.

The cooperation with our suppliers is crucial to ensuring efficient management. Reliability, simplicity and transparency are words we live by. We require EDI management, and consider it our responsibility to minimize environment impact in all aspects.

We are environmental and quality certified in accordance with ISO 14001:2004 and ISO 9001:2008, and are AEO certified by Swedish Customs.

Magnus Almgren
Logistics Manager

Our logistics center in Enköping.

KGK’s logistics center spans 33,000 square meters and is divided into several different stock areas. There are about 300,000 outbound deliveries per year, with a total of just over two million order lines. All products are barcoded for time-efficient management.

Enköping’s geographic location enables us to offer one-day deliveries within all of Sweden. The logistics center is also the main warehouse for our operations in Norway, and serves as a support warehouse with daily deliveries to our operations in Finland, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania.

The stock areas enable both manual and fully automated management, but using the same control system. This makes management more efficient and minimizes the risk of picking errors.

Modern logistics combined with committed staff

In our logistics center, 75% of all order line are handled in our miniload system. This is a system of cranes and tracks for fully automated collection of products in the warehouse.

The products are stored in plastic containers and the system has four picking stations, one of which is integrated with three storage lift systems. In total, the miniload system comprises 100,000 positions.

The storage lifts handle small and low-frequency products, and has about 55,000 stock addresses.

After packing, the products are transported via the track system and one of the four vertical conveyors to unloading, where sorting and final packaging takes place.

No matter how modern and automated a system is, it would be nothing without the people who make sure everything works. To take care of our staff, we worked with a physical therapist to implement a number of ergonomic improvements. Our employees also have access to a well-equipped gym, and they are regularly involved in activities like bowling and going for walks together.

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