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KGK Solutions is our answer to the growing need for services, particularly among vehicle fleet owners but also among commercial and company car drivers. With our knowledge and the technology currently available, we can help your company or organization make day-to-day vehicle management easier. This is an exciting area under constant development, which places great demands on us.

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Many of our customers with vehicle fleets appreciate the ability to buy their freedom from administration. With Carsmart Fleet, the customer does not have to deal with sorting and scanning invoices and sitting with their own Excel spreadsheets. And with the help of the service, the customer gets just one single consolidated invoice. On average, a car generates 50–60 invoices per year. So, a vehicle fleet of just ten cars will result in 500–600 invoices that need to be managed. Let us do the work for you.

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Keep track of your vehicle fleet

Our Easyroad electronic driving log makes it easy to keep track of the company’s vehicles and how they are used. All information, like reported trips from drivers and vehicles in the fleet, is collected in a single tool, and is displayed in views that are easy to understand and easy to navigate. With Easyroad, driving logs, fuel consumption, and environmental reports can be compiled quickly. Last, but not least, you can be confident that you are meeting the Swedish Tax Agency’s requirements for business travel reporting.

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We have everything you need to meet the heavy requirements

By law, professional drivers of heavy-duty vehicles must report their driving and rest periods. We have extensive experience in tachographs, and have been a partner of market-leader VDO since 1995. Today, the solutions we offer involve remote downloading and cloud services.

The modern technology can help you with more than just legal requirements. Examples include automatically generated reports about violations, reminders and working hours.

But, more than anything else, we offer you our knowledge and support.

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