We are ZF in Sweden.

We don’t repair, we overhaul. Overhauling instead of discarding contributes to a circular economy and sustainability. That’s been ZF’s way of working since the 1950s.

One of the biggest suppliers in the world

ZF is a global leader in driveline and chassis technology as well as active and passive safety.

As an authorized service partner, KGK handles all warranty claims, servicing, and overhauling of ZF products in Sweden, Norway, and the Baltic States. We mainly deal with transmission and axle servicing within the segments bus, truck, construction, marine, and train. Overhauling a bus transmission, for example, can produce savings of 50% to 90% in material compared to manufacturing a new one.

An overhaul guarantees a long service life for the vehicle, which improves its residual value and prolongs the production life. But, the biggest gain for the customer is probably time. KGK has a large stock of exchange units that can be dispatched the same day, getting bus operators across the country back in service as quickly as possible.

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We work actively to link ZF products to the relevant vehicles on our Autokatalogen webshop to make it easier for the installers.

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We do not just leave you on your own with the sales responsibility. With us, you and your staff can train in everything from selling points to how to use the latest technology.


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Through our close collaboration with our suppliers and partners, we make sure that the right products arrive at the right time.

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