Liqui Moly – the experienced newcomer

Despite over 50 years in the industry, Liqui Moly is still a bit of a challenger in Sweden. Thanks to the partnership with KGK, this is about to change.

Engine oils, additives and car care products

In Germany, Liqui Moly is a market leader in additives. To ensure the highest of quality, the company only manufactures in its home country. Year after year, the company takes home awards from motor magazines for being the most popular brand in its niche. They may be newcomers in the Swedish market, but they are found in more than 120 countries. We are proud to be a part of the Liqui Moly family.

Liqui Moly supplements KGK’s range with the chemical tools used to prevent or solve problems in the engine, fuel system, and radiator. KGK also sells Liqui Moly’s service products.

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Jonas Westerlind

Product Manager
08-92 30 00

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We need partners that listen and are able to make the right conclusions. KGK is continually monitoring its own performance and is willing to develop for the future. All employees are open minded, friendly and always looking for the best solutions.

I would definitely recommend KGK to my colleagues - because the way you do business makes the difference!

Ingo Lindner, Export Area Manager at Liqui Moly

For more than just passenger cars

Liqui Moly offers a complete range of lubricant, cleaning, and additive products. There are over 4,000 products in their catalogue. And they target the entire vehicle fleet, not just passenger cars. Through hard work, they have taken market shares in the motorcycle and marine segments.

Active marketing

By sponsoring several major sporting events, like the Alpine Ski World Cup, 2017 Ice Hockey World Championship, and the Nordic World Ski Championship in Falun, Sweden, Liqui Moly has become a well-known name beyond its German borders. It has become even more firmly established in its home country as well. On several occasions, it has been named Germany’s most popular oil brand by readers of the country’s largest motor magazines.

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