In Sweden, we represent Dräger ignition interlocks and breathalyzers

Safeguarding the Dräger brand is a task with obligations.

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Dräger is an international leader in medical and safety technology. The company was founded in Lübeck, Germany in 1889 and has now grown into a worldwide, DAX-listed family company in its fifth generation.

Since 2004, KGK has been exclusively managing sales and marketing of Dräger ignition interlocks and breathalyzers to companies and consumers in the Nordic region. It is a great honor, perhaps most clearly illustrated by the fact that both the Swedish and the Norwegian police use Dräger’s breathalyzers for their breath alcohol tests.

For Dräger, the well-established sales channels, knowledgeable salespeople, and successful marketing are what they find most attractive about KGK.

You can find a selection of Dräger’s extensive range in our Autokatalogen webshop.

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Over the years, we have enjoyed the passion and creativity that the KGK staff has put into how they have promoted and marketed our products. From my perspective, this collaboration is a role model for a fruitful and beneficial cooperation.

I would recommend KGK to my colleagues.

Michael Reinhart, Head of S&PM at Dräger

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