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Carsmart Fleet is KGK’s vehicle management tool. A modern solution for all companies with a vehicle fleet.



Many of our customers with vehicle fleets appreciate the ability to buy their freedom from administration. With Carsmart Fleet, the customer does not have to deal with sorting and scanning invoices and sitting with their own Excel spreadsheets. And with the help of the service, the customer gets just one single consolidated invoice. On average, a car generates 50–60 invoices per year. So, a vehicle fleet of just ten cars will result in 500–600 invoices that need to be managed, usually manually.

Driving log

In the near future, we will be able to offer a fully integrated electronic driving log as part of our service. Read more about the driving log at


Save time and money by using Carsmart services. In addition to great discounts on fuel, car washes and accessories, we can offer split invoicing, where certain costs are sent home to the driver and others are sent to the company. The statistics portal gives the customer full insight and the ability to look at all costs in detail. Data can also be simply exported and imported.

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