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Calix AB has been one of the biggest European manufacturers of electric engine heater systems for over 20 years.

We are the general agent for Calix car heaters in the Nordic region and the Baltic States

We have been handling aftermarket sales of electric car heaters on behalf of Calix throughout the entire Nordic region and the Baltic States since 2013. The partnership gives us a competitive edge since we benefit from each other’s strengths – Calix with its expertise in development, design and production, and KGK with logistics, marketing, and sales. We are now well on our way to becoming market leader in electric car heater systems.

We help dealers sell more

As a Calix dealer, you get access to a whole arsenal of sales and installation aids. Through the Autokatalogen webshop, you can easily find which products fit the vehicle in question, and how much it will cost the customer – installed and ready for use. There, you will also find model-specific installation instructions to facilitate installation. If you need help, our Support department is staffed weekdays from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

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Through our partnership with KGK, we benefit from their long-term and close relationships with their customers. They have an extensive sales force and Marketing department, plus a superb logistics center.

Mikael Lindgren
Sales Director, Calix

How we help our partners

Logistics is caring

Through our close collaboration with our suppliers and partners, we make sure that the right products arrive at the right time.

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We are with you all the way

We do not feel that our responsibility ends when you buy a product or service from us. Your business is our business. That’s why we started the KGK Academy.

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For many of our partners, we are also a sales organization and a marketing department.

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