We do not consider doing business and thinking about sustainability to be mutually exclusive.

Value for the customer, benefit to society, and long-term profitability

KG Knutsson AB has begun its journey towards becoming a sustainable company. We are thinking about how to make our business model even more circular, and how we can make it easier for our customers to choose sustainable alternatives. We want our sustainability work to create new business opportunities while creating benefit for society. In practice, we ensure future business when customers in both the private and the public sector make demands on us. A major internal driving force for us at KGK is to continually improve our reputation, an important component of our brand work.

Malin Möller
Head of Sustainable Business Development

Our sustainability work focuses on two main areas: Sustainable business dealings and Sustainable operations.

Sustainable business dealings


In order for a relationship to work, it is necessary to make demands. Throughout KGK’s history, we have always put great stock in being a reliable partner that adds value for our stakeholders in the value chain. KGK’s Code of Conduct describes the requirements that all suppliers must meet to comply with KGK’s values, focusing on people and society, the environment, and ethics.

To set requirements and at the same time give our partners an incentive to grow and develop, we created the distinction Supplier of the Year. Using a number of categories, including delivery precision and sustainability work, each year we name the company that was KGK’s best supplier. Naturally, the biggest winner is our customers!

Circular economy

One example of how we worked with circular economy before it became a term on everyone’s lips is our ZF workshop.

Collaboration and networks

Collaboration is required to enable long-term sustainability work. For this reason, KGK is a member of both the Swedish 2030-secretariat and the Swedish Association for Sustainable Business (NMC).

Sustainable operations

We have collected our environmental and quality policies here.

KG Knutsson AB has been certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 for a number of years. We hold a number of certifications to ensure we work in a sustainable manner.

Agenda 2030

There are many challenges both around the world and in our own backyard when it comes to human rights, poverty, equality, the environment, and climate change. To address these challenges, the UN has adopted Agenda 2030. The agenda contains 17 goals that show how the countries of the world can work together to create a more fair and sustainable world by 2030.

At KG Knutsson AB, we reviewed the 17 goals and 169 targets and identified eight goals that we have prioritized for KGK’s operations. Read more about them here.