Skilled, reliable and transparent. Since 1946.

KGK – when the road is the goal

When Knut-Göran Knutsson started his business in 1946, all it took was a handshake.

Today the company and its network has grown, and running a business is slightly more complicated. But the basic idea still stands – business should benefit everybody involved, and a handshake deal is enough.

KGK was and is dependent on people. Obviously, solutions and products need to be well considered and up to par – but without the right person in the right place, the business won’t work.

We’re the lubricant that makes the automotive industry run smoothly. We like to describe ourselves as skilled, reliable and transparent. These words seem to describe us to a T. Just ask our customers and suppliers that have been with us since day one. To them, we’re part of the family.

Whatever path you’re travelling in life, whichever journey has swept you along – KGK is your friend on the road.

Pictured: Marianne Eriksson, Secretary, and Bengt Pettersson, President. 

Photographed outside of KGK’s previous premises in Bromma around 1960-65.