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We are a company in the automotive industry that believes in long-term relationships. That’s why we choose to work with strong brands and do business in a way that benefits all parties.

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With us, you can reach your entire market thanks to our well-established sales channels and strong logistics. We hit the mark with our depth and breadth.

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  • Multiple industries




We offer the strongest brands and the best logistics, coupled with selling points and product knowledge.

  • World-leading manufacturers
  • On-time delivery
  • Product training



Work with us

We are always looking for people who can add something extra. If you do not see a current job vacancy with us that suits your talents, you are welcome to submit an application to our applicant bank.

Become a part of KGK

With accessories, spare parts, workshop equipment and services, we take the lead in these industries

Passenger cars and light-duty trucks

We offer our customers a complete range and precise distribution.

Independent aftermarket (IAM)

We offer over 500,000 items in our product catalog and we deliver fast and efficiently throughout Sweden.

Construction, machinery & forklift trucks

For heavy-duty dealers, KGK stands for high quality products and the best support.

Trucks and buses

KGK is a complete supplier of accessories and spare parts.


In our marine section of the Autokatalogen webshop you will find accessories and motor-powered spare parts.

Motor home, camper and trailer

We have the products needed to make the trailers safer and more comfortable.

Passenger cars and light-duty trucks

The way we transport goods and people is under constant development. With KGK’s combination of experience and vision for the future, we give our customers access to accessories for the vehicle fleet of both today and tomorrow.

We have accessories such as ignition interlocks, car heaters, roof boxes, bike carriers, onboard entertainment, and lighting from some of the world’s top producers.

In recent years, we have also flexed our muscles a bit in the heavy workshop equipment segment. With us, you have a complete supplier.

Independent aftermarket (IAM)

For our customers in the independent aftermarket, KGK’s depth and breadth of spare parts and workshop equipment is unbeatable. The majority of the products in the Autokatalogen webshop have been linked to specific vehicles. This, in combination with our precise logistics, enables our customers to serve their own customers with the right products as quickly as possible.

In this segment, we also have our own car workshop chain, Autoexperten.

Construction, machinery & forklift trucks

We customize solutions for manufacturers and dealers of heavy-duty vehicles. Our range of lighting, vehicle heating, reversing cameras and installation materials are in great demand with such customers. Naturally, everything is available through our Autokatalogen webshop.

In addition, our Support is continuously updated and can answer questions about installation and assist you when choosing a product.

Trucks and buses

In the Autokatalogen webshop, you will find a wide range of high-quality spare parts and accessories for your truck or bus. If needed, we can help you create customized solutions. Most of the products in the Autokatalogen webshop are vehicle-specific, but you are always welcome to contact our Support if you have any questions.


Our oldest roots are firmly planted in marine soil. Our range includes consumables, accessories and spare parts for wholesalers, boat builders, designers, operators, marinas and service yards.

With the help of the service capabilities of the Autokatalogen webshop, you can easily find the right spare part for your boat motor.

Motor home, camper and trailer

If you are a dealer, the Autokatalogen webshop is a great tool. There, you will find a wide range of accessories and spare parts, most of which are also linked to the vehicle registration number. We deliver quickly and efficiently across the country.

Order your products in the Autokatalogen webshop

Find more than 500,000 products, view current stock balances, see your prices, and order when it suits you best.

KGK in the media

Visit KGK's press room on Mynewsdesk. There, you will find not only the latest news, but also high resolution photos for download.


KGK Spotlight – delve a little deeper

When we have something to say that needs a little more space, you can find it on our reportage page.

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In Sweden, we are ...


In Sweden, we are ...

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With KGK, you get access to a fantastic range of products.
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