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Industrigruppen supplies items from KGK's broad product portfolio to anyone constructing vehicles, machinery and appliances or equipment with which our products are compatible.

Our aim as regional supplier is chiefly to ensure that we are brought into discussions regarding new projects and products as early as possible. Our strength is our proximity to the customer and the high level of technical knowledge possessed by our sales staff. We also have product specialists with a high level of technical expertise within all product areas we represent, which ensures that you as a customer always receive the best possible support.

Using vehicle components for other purposes has proven advantageous in terms of high quality and reliability. The components are manufactured in large volumes that facilitate attractive pricing. Our logistics centre guarantees that deliveries arrive on time and in the right quantity.

Autokatalogen contains information about all our products, and customers can also view delivery status and prices when logged in. Orders can also be placed directly via Autokatalogen.

We have an additional site known as KGK3D, where designers can download 3D drawings for some of our product range. Visit